Daniela. Colombian. I like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, Lana del Rey, Foster the People, Harry Potter, Skins, MGMT, The Hunger Games, Sherlock, Doctor Who and other stuff. Greyssed.
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do u ever forget to sleep or eat or drink water or something and ur like “oh shit yeah I need that to live”

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"I think that if I could fall asleep next to you every night, I’d never really be sad again."
Midnight thoughts (I already miss you)

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I love this because you can tell how happy that fan with their hands clasped together is.
JC and The Voidz, FYF 2014
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Julian casablancas @ FYF 

PC: http://instagram.com/p/sIdrf5IkOV/
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Everything you love is here
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"You call the shots babe, I just wanna be yours."
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"There are things in my mind I’ve locked away, and there are things that run wild and free."
jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)
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